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How to organize a course? - Curso demo (con el nuevo diseño)

How to organize a course?

OooooooooK, NeuroK is very cool, but: How do I organize a course? What and how many learning units do I create? In what order?

So many questions right?

The document in this unit explains how to use the application, but the key to organizing a successful course is actually to think different.

The first thing you should think about is: Why did the students come to my course? What do they want to learn?

We often don't like the answers to these questions. Many students are on our course because they don't have a choice, or perhaps just to get a certificate.

NeuroK believes that learning should always be fun and rewarding, and so we invite you to think about why they are signing up for this course.

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Gregorio Esteban
Gregorio Esteban 8 months ago

NeuroK's help in applying the methodology to the platform is very good!

At NeuroK we offer pedagogical advice to all those who wish to teach an online course. We tell you how the process is.
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Cecilia Martinez
Cecilia Martinez 8 months ago

With this template we help you to design a course. Take a look at it and see if it helps you. If you have any doubt, ask out loud and I'm sure we can all help each other.

Course_Template.pdf 83.4 KB
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Rebeca Vergara
Rebeca Vergara 8 months ago

These friends can help us in the educational transformation:
- Diagnostic
- Project redesign
- Training
- Unit design
- Mentoring

Take a look at it and tell me!
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