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NeuroK for teachers - Curso demo (con el nuevo diseño)

NeuroK for teachers

NeuroK proposes a new role for the teacher, which is explained in the reference that comes with this unit (see below, only Spanish version, we are working on english version). But besides that new role, the teacher also has new tools at his disposal, such as:

  • NeuroK Studio, where he can create Learning Units and Activities.
  • Participation graphs and statistics, by user and of the whole course.
  • Word clouds o know what is being talked about in the course and in each Learning Unit.
  • A social graph to understand the relationships between students, by course or Learning Unit.
  • Recommend a student's content for everyone.
  • Delete inappropriate comments.

What do you think of our role proposal for the teacher?Have you looked at your statistics?

You're one click away from becoming a NeuroK teacher:

Sofia Lucas
Sofia Lucas 8 months ago
Published in: NeuroK for teachers
The truth is that as a teacher, I had not considered that I am not the owner of the contents. That in this globalized world, where information is available to everyone, at any time, in any place, it can leave me as an obsolete teacher. I love being able to become a content facilitator, and to contribute criteria to the timeline. To be able to help students think and look for answers, so that they learn by doing. I add my participation statistics.

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Gregorio Esteban
Gregorio Esteban 8 months ago
Published in: NeuroK for teachers

The social graph shows how users relate to each other, and the connections between them. It is a network of connections and interactions of all users.
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Gregorio Esteban
Gregorio Esteban 9 months ago
Published in: NeuroK for teachers
El elaborado saludo de un maestro con sus alumnos que se volvió viral.
Why not greet the students like this? Why not motivate them from the moment they enter the course?
I think the role of the teacher is vital.

The elaborate greeting of a teacher with his students that went viral.
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