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What to expect from students - Curso demo (con el nuevo diseño)

What to expect from students

In NeuroK courses students are expected to learn by doing.

The student will be presented with questions that he will have to answer. It is the teacher who creates challenges, and the students who look for solutions. Every student is an active part of the learning process. The desire to learn depends on the students, who look for the motivation that will lead them to look for answers online and to obtain the reward of having learned, while also sharing and collaborating.

How is this possible?

Allow us to explain using the Karate Kid method.

The Karate Kid Method

Do you remember "Wax on, Wax off"? Daniel-san thought there was no point in waxing, painting fences... Until Mr Miyagi showed him he had been learning karate all this time, but without realizing it.
Karate Kid - Daniel's Training "WAX ON WAX OFF"

When students search on the Internet, they read content, posts, references or watch videos that can help them form their criteria, which helps them answer questions or contribute to the discussion or participate in a learning activity.

We urge you to read the document "What we expect from the student" that you will find in the area "Recommended" of this unit, and if you want then share your opinion or try to answer these questions:

  1. Do you think that if you bring content to the course, you will learn?
  2. Do you think the brain learns more by memorizing or by doing?
  3. Do you think the motivation to learn is your responsibility or that of the teacher?

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Sofia Lucas
Sofia Lucas 9 months ago
I am looking for articles on motivation, in any field, not only in learning..
And I would not know how to say that the percentage is the responsibility of the person involved / student or their environment and the people who help them, such as teachers, coaches, bosses...
Would you know how to respond to this debate?

Children need to work and strive to achieve things, they need to have waiting times in the achievement of their desires, they need to plan in space and time, and in all this, families have a great role.

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Rebeca Vergara
Rebeca Vergara 9 months ago
Many times we find interesting internet links, but in particular, I find it difficult to share them because I don't know if they are appropriate.

What do you think?

We prefer to read anything or just read "good" content.
  • Do you think that if you are the one who brings content to the course, you are learning?

I'm finding that every time I look for a content, and as I learn more of a topic, I make a more careful selection. Now it is not worth any content, now I am selecting, because I have been learning. So, if it helps me a lot to search and contribute to my colleagues.

  • Do you think the brain learns more by memorizing or by doing?

Doing, of course. I have to find articles to back up what I say. But from math, music, a recipe, I learn best by doing.

  • Do you think the motivation to learn is your responsibility or that of the teacher?

  • ufff,... I think it's mine. But I need someone to cheer me up, verify that I'm on the right track, and accompany me.

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The Lessons Come Together - The Karate Kid (5/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

Effort pays off!
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José Salado
José Salado 9 months ago
When you enroll in a course, parts with a level of motivation I think high, but as the weeks pass, or even the days, you go deflating.

Will it be for being online?

Is it because the content is boring?

The low participation tires?

Who is responsible for managing motivation in a course?

Questions to make us reflect.
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