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Group learning fosters collaboration among its members.

We're going to make a group delivery.

Remember that it is the teacher who creates the groups. And that if one member delivers the activity it will be considered as delivered by all.

Besides, in this case the evaluation is among you.


We ask you to look for a video or an image that tells us how the brain learns.

Add up why you chose it. 


Indefensión aprendida (subtitulado)

Learning activities are tasks/jobs to be performed by the students. Learning or memorizing information does not make much sense if that information cannot be used properly.

In the example video, the activity that the students do serves as an explanation of the learned helplessness.

The teachers have to design the evaluation criteria of that activity with two objectives:


  1. The evaluation criteria tell students what is important about that activity

  2. It allows students to evaluate the work of others according to criteria defined by the teacher. Evaluating the work of others is a great way to learn. Anyone who has ever taught a class knows that explaining something is the best way to learn it.


This time the activity will be related to the use of the platform.


To do the activity you have to:

  1. Change yout profile picture.

  2. Change your name.

  3. Upload a screenshot of what your profile looks like.

This activity consists of 5 multiple choice questions. Each question has more than 1 option, only one them is correct.
What is eLearning?
As discussed in the Unit, you should ask yourself several questions when creating/organizing a course.

We ask you to collect the answers in a file of the format you want: doc, pdf, excel, ppt, jpg, gif...

And answer these questions: 

  • Why did the students come to my course?
  • What do you want them to learn?
  • What proposals/ themes/ learning units do I propose?
  • And at least pose an activity for a unit